1 inch button heater

1" Button heater - 1400°c vacuum/inert atmosphere, refractory wire element, aluminium nitride front plate (option ofr different plate material), molybdenum body and shielding, C-type thermocouple.
Compact 38mm body diameter with 26.5mm hot-zone, similar body to 1KA-00 but with increased overall length.

Product Number: 1RY-00

2 inch heater

2" Heater - 1400°c in vacuum/inert atmosphere, refractory foil element, molybdenum body and shielding, compact 65mm diameter body, sprung C-type thermocouple, Simialr to 2KA-00 but with longer overall length. Models and spec's available soon.

Product Number: 2RY-00

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