Substrate Manipulator Stage

Ideally suited for 1″- 6″ substrate heaters. CF or ISO flange, top or bottom mounted. Magnetically coupled lift and rotation for leak free service at UHV.

– Magnetic drive rotation, 0-60 RPM.
– 0-50mm magnetic lift, position indicator, optional limit switches, choice of manual, motor or pneumatic operation and longer stroke options.
– UHV compatible and bakeable to 250°c. No plastics, O-rings or grease used in vacuum.
– Easily detachable drive assembly for bakeout.
– 18mm through bore for power, signal and cooling.
– CF40 or larger mounting flange options. Note, with CF40 flange access to vacuum chamber is required to mount hardware.

– Option of mounting to a CF40 Z-shift bellows, to provide substrate heater Z-axis positioning.
– RF bias option. Can be upgraded later with RF kit.
– Long life, low particulate radial ball bearings, used inside vacuum. Axial load produced by weight of cradle and substrate is supported outside vacuum, increasing vacuum side bearing life.
– Nema 23 or 24 stepper motors, optional encoder and motor brands available.
– Can be configured to suit customer’s vacuum chamber, heater head, and sample transfer mechanisms. submanstage