Our 1000°c in air heaters range from 1″ to 4″ diameters and can run in vacuum at 800°c, they consist of a stainless 316 outer body, with either NiCr or Kanthal elements and internal heat shielding, all heaters are equipped with a sprung thermocouple that in the case of the 2″-4″ heaters, contacts with the underside of the ceramic front plate, this produces a consistent and accurate reading of the ceramic plate, where a sample may be place, the thermocouple in the 1″ heater contacts with the element carrier.

Semiquip PSU

Semiquip produce power supplies matched to our heaters, they can be configured to suit the users needs, with a choice of PID controllers and optional features.

1″ Button heater with sample clips
4″ Heater with outer ring for sample clips
Standard 1″ button heater
High voltage, low current element designed to replace OEM element and match output power of existing controller.

Bespoke elements can be produced to replace the heaters in OEM equipment, the element can be designed to match the voltage/current output of the existing temperature controller, they can also be configured into many shapes and sizes with multiple zones.