Carbon Composite and Graphite Elements

Capable of running to 2000°c in inert atmospheres. Even if running at cooler temperatures, carbon composite and graphite elements offer better durability than refractory metal. The small resistance change over a large temperature range, makes controlling these elements easy by dramatically reducing current surge at lower temperatures, also they do not warp or suffer embrittlement

Carbon composite elements have the advantage over solid graphite of being cheaper to manufacture and much tougher, due to their flexibility.

Carbon composite cartridge heater

Refractory Metal Heaters

Where a process can’t tolerate the use of carbon/graphite or an application is better suited to a metallic element, there is a choice of refractory metal elements, which include tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum and can come in the form of wire or foil. For high temperature oxidising environments up to 1350°c there is an option of platinum alloy element with a ceramic heater body

Tantalum wire and foil effusion cell
Platinum heater with alumina body